Chinese Food Capital of the Eastern Townships

Who would have thought Cowansville would be the Chinese food capital of the Eastern Townships?

This regional hub is now home to three great new Chinese restaurants -- all opened within the past year or so.

I'm a big fan of Fusion d'Asia (at the corner of rue Principale and rue du Sud, in the former Sac à mots building) and Rendez-Vous Café (across from the Princess Theatre).

I wrote about Fusian d'Asia (94 rue du Sud, 450-263-3838) here

Rendez-Vous Café & Yamei

Less than a block away, Rendez-Vous Café (140 rue Principale, 450-955-3373) serves tasty and generous Chinese noodles and soup dishes.

A couple of buildings over, the café owner's wife, Yamei Zhao, has also opened a self-named restaurant called Yamei (101 rue Principale, 450-955-1682). 

Haven't tried Zhao's restaurant yet, but I wanna, and soon. If her husband's work in the kitchen is any sign, Yamei is gonna be a hit too.

Xie xie to all these entrepreneurs, and good luck!

UPDATE: My lovely and talented wife and I tried Yamei the other day and had a great dinner. The selection is simpler than at Fusion d'Asia, but the meals were excellent and well priced. 

We also picked up some of their delicious home-made hot sauce.

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