The Crossing: Holy Awakening in the Eastern Townships

Just got back from a beautiful Father's Day trip to Vermont, capped off with an amazing dinner at The Crossing in Richford, VT, just across the border from Sutton in the Eastern Townships.

Wow. You must go.

Don't keep reading this. Just go already.


So now that you're back, what did you think? Pretty amazing, I am sure you will agree.

I had some great ribs - 2 lbs no less - while the kids ate some kind of incredible version of home-made vegetable soup I didn't know existed before. Rhonda's filet mignon was like butta.

And I don't need to mention that the peanut butter pie is like a religious awakening.

Just added these beautiful folks to my "Restaurants" section on my food page. Check out their website for more details.

They might not be right in the Eastern Townships, but hey, they're honourary Townshippers in my mind. What's a couple of kilometres between friends anyway.

Thanks to The Crossing for helping make my Father's Day so fine! And I hope yours was too.

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