A new craze has hit Quebec's Eastern Townships. Move over horse farms and military whist. The region once known for opera in the country is now being taken over by toilet tossers.

Yes, you read that right. Toilet tossers. Don't believe me? See for yourself in these educational YouTube videos (here, here, here, here and here) of this amazing-but-true sport in action.

We're not talking here about your basic throwing toilets off a roof (seen here). That's fun stuff obviously, but where's the technique, the honing of the human body into a precise instrument of porcelain power?

Throwing toilets actually has a long and noble tradition in our beloved Eastern Townships. Well actually no it doesn't, but tossing into a toilet does. Close enough!


I discovered this mind-blowing sport when someone at the Canada Day party in Knowlton asked me, "Do you want to toss a toilet?" I said, "Whuu...?" I was instantly hooked on hurling heads. And so are a lot of other folks, based on the long line-up of tossers and crowd of fans we get each year at Canada Day. And you will be too.

But waiting a whole year to catapult a crapper is waaay too long. So a porcelain-loving buddy of mine, Shannon (why, here he is engaged in his latest hobby), found our very own bowl for us to chuck up. The sport is challenging and is all about thinking with your head. But watch out for the harsh fans and be sure to stand waaay back.

One tosser at the last Canada Day sliced his leg open while throwing a toilet that had some broken parts on the bottom. And someone else almost hit some kids when his went flying in the wrong direction. We're talking NASCAR-like craziness here, people.


If you've got some kind of problem with whipping around a smelly old oval office, let's face it: You're not really living in the country until you can pick up the john and toss it across someone's lawn. And what better way to get the kids off the couch and outside getting some physical exercise?

Now do this great sport a great favour, and share the YouTube videos with your friends. Be sure to hit the "like" button each time you see it. That's supposed to do something.

Readers, definitely try this at home. Start a "bowling" league. Write in with your favourite techniques. Get your toddlers in on the action with a potty toss. Who knows - it might even get them into university on a sports scholarship. Next stop: the Olympics. You know it, baby!

Btw, the top toss at our inaugural toilet toss-off was by Chris "The Toilet King," with a lob of 24 feet. Can you do better? Send in your results, and include pix. Thanks to Marie-Lyse for her photos and videos of this historic event. 

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colleyc said...

cool blog Alex - bowl tossing, now I gotta try that!