Why am I so miserable? Oh yeah. The winter that never ends. Seems like every person I talk to these days out here in Quebec's Eastern Townships is miserable. And it's bringing me down.

For anyone who's been away, we've had pretty much daily snow out here since the beginning of December. 

There is a five-foot pile of ice and snow outside my window right now on which I had to use an axe a few days ago just to make a hole big enough to get into my office. I think the Abominable Snowman is living in the ice/snow pile right now.

No amount of watching the UFC is helping.

Oh yeah, and there's this crazy partridge that's wandering around in the back yard, chasing anyone who ventures outside the house. The kids are scared to death. He even climbed on top of the ice/show pile to give me dirty looks in my office, but then he slipped and fell off. That made him REALLY mad. He pecked my shoe when I went to the house.

I should mention that I'm depressed even though we just got back from two months in Mexico, where we had a beautiful time on Isla Mujeres. Yeah, I know you feel sorry for me. Boo-hoo!

So we're leaving. Yeah, we've had it. We're packing up the family and heading to Brossard. Not to move! 

We're going to eat at one of our favourite restaurants of all time, the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. Our family will eat Mongolian for hours non-stop. Man, just don't get in the way of our mouths if you know what's good for you.

I don't care how miserable you are - you can't feel bad after getting a little of that Mongolian goodness in you. Maybe I'll bring some back for the partridge.


elin said...

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Studio Georgeville.

jay.ploss said...

So, Alex! Where do you go to watch the UFC? Okay, I know it's a random question on a year old post. But still. Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans and I don't have a television.

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Jay,

At home with some buds! I think some of the sports bars in Granby also show it. I recently also saw a couple of the big movie theatres in Montreal show it live, so that's also an option if you don't mind the late-night drive back home.

Jones v. Evans was great! Jones is almost as athletic as Anderson Silva except bigger!

Take care!

Alex Roslin said...

I should have been clearer - we watch it at home online on a computer hooked up to a TV. I have a TV but no TV channels, which we gave up when we moved to the country. One of the best decisions I ever made!