Best Restaurant of the Eastern Townships: Fulford's La Petite Table Nippone

The amazing La Petite Table Nippone in Fulford has been voted the best restaurant of the Eastern Townships in the first-ever readers' survey of the Best of the Eastern Townships blog. This rustic little hideaway on a back road between Bromont and Foster is probably the cutest sushi spot in Quebec. Apart from delicious, fresh sushi, the chef makes his own samurai swords. How authentic is that. He and his wife are one of the sweetest couples you'll ever meet in charge of a restaurant and are very kid-friendly on top of everything else. (The chef served our kids butterfly-shaped carrots!) They also cater. Address: 256 Fulford Rd., Fulford, tel.: 450-539-4480, website:

Second prize goes to Le Relais in Knowlton. Located in a 150-year-old building that houses the oldest continually operating hotel in the Townships, Le Relais focuses on local ingredients (including Brome Lake duck) and is a favourite of locals especially for its weekly specials, which offer some of the best restaurant deals in the region. Address: 286 chemin Knowlton, Knowlton, tel.: 450-242-2232, website:

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to everyone who voted.

Honourable mentions go to:

- The remarkably excellent Royaume du Steak, one of the best steak houses in Quebec. As good as Moishe's, Montreal's finest steak place, but half the price. Go now. The caribou medallions make me crazy. Address: 300 rue Lewis, Waterloo, tel.: 450-539-0811.

- Restaurant Shalimar of Lennoxville, the Townships' only Indian restaurant. Address: 263 rue Queen, Lennoxville, tel.: 819-823-9683, website.

- The delectable Café Massawippi of North Hatley. Try the insanely good foie gras and surprising yellow wine. Address: 3050 rue Capelton, North Hatley, website:

- Sutton's Bistro Beaux Lieux. Laid-back Suttonesque gastronomie. Address: 19 rue Principale Nord, Sutton, tel.: 450-538-1444, website:

- Bistro Olaf of Cowansville. Address: 1105 rue Sud, Cowansville, tel.: 450-260-1105.

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kelli ann said...

Hah! Stuffed animals-- taxidermy-- I can just picture our storytime, with stuffed moose heads!!

thanks for the nod, alex:: from your secret Sutton correspondent!

kelli ann said...

another veerrry scarrrry event:

bring your pumpkin (already decorated) to the museum in Sutton between 10 am and 4 pm, Wed. October 28...

Alex Roslin said...

Thanks Kelli Ann!

Alex Roslin said...

Nice to see these fun halloween events. Too bad the stores couldn't keep Christmas stuff out until at least Nov. 1st.


Ressource Famille Sutton said...

yeah for the survey!
good idea...

Anonymous said...

Great website, really interesting. My favorite restaurant in the Eastern Townships is Shalimar in Lennoxville. The buffet on Saturday night is really great.

Louise G.

Alex Roslin said...

Thanks, Louise! You're not the first person to vote for them. I've had a craving for Indian food ever since. Sounds like a trip to Lennoxville is needed pronto.

Take care!

obaasan said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I've been coming to the Townships for about 15 years every summer. I would definitely nominate "Le Coeur D'Or" in North Hatley. Limited menu, but constantly changing and fresh. Pricey but worth it. BYOB It's hidden away on School Street across from the Farmer's Market.

Britney said...

Hi there - how much does a dinner for two at Restaurant au Royaume du Steak run someone? Let's say apps, dinner and drinks for two? Ball park?

LOVE YOUR BLOG. Has been extremely helpful in planning our romantic getaway!

Britney said...

Hi here,

How much would a dinner for two (apps, dinner and drinks) at Restaurant au Royaume du Steak run?

Ball park?

Thanks so much! Your blog has been really helpful in planning my getaway!

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Britney,

Sorry for the tardy response! Thanks for your kind words! Depends probably a lot on what you order, and I can't remember very well what it cost when we last went, but I think $100 should do it. You can always call to get a range for their main dishes.

Bon appetit!