What Could It Be! Mystery Eastern Townships Dino Find Has West Bolton Abuzz

My top-secret West Bolton correspondent, Shannon Brown, writes about an amazing paleontological discovery that, I am sure, has all of West Bolton abuzz.

Are those mountain folk on drugs? Look at the photos and see what you think.

Shannon in her own words:

"Our neighbours built a road recently across from us and look what was unearthed... What could it be?

"Thought you might like to post it on your site?

"We're charging $2 a pop to come see it, and I think it might just pay for our beer quota this summer. Ha! Just kidding.

"But check it out - we love it..."

I think we have a winner for Best of the Eastern Townships dino. A special prize (I will pay your $2 entry fee to see it) to the first person to identify what this critter is. And an honourary mention to whoever comes up with the best name for the BOTET dino. (Other than "Botet.")

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